Champaklal Jayantilal Gada Aka Champak Chacha. He is the father of Jethalal who immigrated from ancestral village in Kutch, Gujarat to live with family of Jethalal in Mumbai. He is a widower. Despite being nearly 69 years old, he is more energetic than Jethalal. He does workout and Yoga and is active member of Young Old Group, a small group founded by him and his friends. Champaklal loves his whole family and enjoys special bonding with his grandson Tapu. He always takes side of Tapu and Daya. Due to his supreme decision making authority, Jethalal is often sidelined in family matters. He secretly loves Jethalal but always hides his feeling. He always scolds Jethalal and angrily calls him babuchak. He calls Jethalal as Jethiya, Tapu as Tapuda, Taarak Mehta as Mehtoos, Popatlal as Dibba and Bhide as Bhindi Master. However, Champaklal is a fatherly figure for Gokuldham residents. He is always given immense respect and involved in decision making process. Everyone calls him Chachaji and whole Tapusena calls him Dadaji. Champaklal always acts as a peacemaker in issues and verbal spats. He abhor unethical practices such as theft and corruption. He is loyal to Gandhian principles. Champaklal resembles exactly to his father, Late Jayantilal Girdharlal Gada.

Behind the scene Edit

The role is essayed by Amit Bhatt.