Daya Jethalal Gada aka Daya Bhabhi and Dayaben is the wife of Jethalal and the daughter-in-law of Gada family. Tapu is their son. She respects Champaklal. She is from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. She popularly referred as Garba queen due to his enthusiasm in doing traditional Garba dance of Gujarat. She is a responsible and dedicated homemaker mostly busy in household chores. Dayaben is very innocent and loves her entire family. She is a very caring neighbor. Jethalal is fond of her culinary skills. Dayaben enjoys close bonding with her mother Jeevdayaben and brother Sundar, whom she calls Sunder Veera. Dayaben is a devoted wife and never refers Jethalal by name, instead she call him as Tapu ke Papa. She is little superstitious and believe on black magic, ghosts and bad luck etc. Dayaben is very religious and prays Mataji, the goddess. When in stress, she speaks, "Hey, Ma! Mataji!".

Behind the scenes Edit

The role is essayed by Disha Vakani. The role of Dayaben and her unique comic timing with Jethalal is one chief reason for popularity of show.