Jethalal Champaklal Gada is a resident of Gokuldham Society. He is not very tall, overweight and has small moustaches. Although, he is a honest businessman, ideal son, perfect husband and caring father but Jethalal is also very careless and lazy. He is a late riser. He is foodie and loves to eat meals prepared by his wife Daya. Jethalal is sometimes scolded by his father Champaklal for being strict with son Tapu and Daya. He is the proprietor of Gada Electronics. Jethalal is usually called as Jethiya by Champaklal, Tapu ke Papa by Daya and Jethaji by Babita. Jethalal has an innocent crush on Babita and leaves no chance to impress her. His luck is worst and subsequently he gets trapped into problems. Jethalal is always very distraught about his brother-in-law Sundar, who whenever meets gives him loss of thousands of rupees in form of taxi fare. He is shown to be very tensed about his father who mainly gets lost; his mischievous son Tapu who instigates secretary Bhide to fights with him; Natukaka who always demands hike in his salary and Bagha who along with his business ideas and girlfriend Bawari irritates him. His main enemy is Iyer, husband of Babita, whom he tries to keep away when he and Babita are together. His best friend is Taarak Mehta, who acts his troubleshooter and mentor. Jethalal loves to eat jalebi-fafda, a famous Gujarati snack. He is often shown cladding designer shirts are garish clothes.

Behind the scenes Edit

The role is played by Dilip Joshi.