Natwarlal Prabhatshankar Undhaiwala, mostly known as Natu Kaka is the manager of Jethalal's electronic shop, Gada Electronics. Natu Kaka is very fluent in English and effectively handles operation of shop. He often irritates Jetahalal by using sophisticated words despite knowing Jethalal's incompetency with English. He is from a village Undhai. He resides in Mumbai with his nephew Bagha as his wife does not live with them. Natu Kaka and Bagha take their dinner at Padmavati Bhojanalay. He disturbs Jethalal with his perplexing offers and peculiar schemes. From several years Natu Kaka is demanding salary hike but Jethalal cunningly turns down his request each time. However, Natu Kaka is very honest, intelligent and efficient with his work.

Behind the scenes Edit

The role is essayed by Ghanashyam Nayak.