Patrakar Popatlal Pandey is a 40 years old bachelor. The cynical nature of Popatlal often spoils his marriage aspirations. He is a crime reporter with the newspaper Toofan Express, which according to him is an international newspaper despite being low profile. Popatlal describes himself as 'The Golden Crow Award Winner' senior young journalist. He is from Bhopal. Popatlal is very stingy but always take a stand for society residents. However, he spends wholeheartedly when it comes to marriage proposals. He often indulges into fight with Bhide and Jethalal over petty issues. Popatlal is pessimist and often uses the word "cancel" and Duniya hila dunga (I'll shake the whole world) whenever a person makes him angry on an issue specially regarding his marriage. Popatlal always carries an umbrella. All his endeavors to get married have failed miserably. He is often shown visiting marriage bureaus and giving advertisements. Several times his marriage has been called off due to poor luck. He was previously involved in brief relationship with Sapna, Bulbul, Kavita, Kalavati, Senorita, Koyal, Cary, etc. Popatlal is also a committee member of Gokuldham Society.

Behind the scenes Edit

The role is played by Shyam Pathak.