Pyare Mohan was a lawyer of Jethalal who faught case of his marriage with Gulabo, a lady from Kashmir. In the end, he married Gulabo.

Jethalal along with friends went to Kashmir for celebrating last days of his bachelorhood. Due to immense craze for acting, Jethalal volunteered to appear for a marriage scene with Gulabo as his bride in a film. Unfortunately, the movie never got released and Jethalal returned to Mumbai. However, Gulabo's life was ruined due to this incident as she was forced to remain bachelor. Once again, the poor luck of Jethalal brought Gulabo to his doorsteps. She then claimed Jethalal as her legal husband. Jethalal then challenged the authenticity of this fake marriage in court. Sensing his defeat, Jethalal cunningly feigns renouncing public life and Gulabo admits the fact behind their fake marriage. She then tied nuptial knot with Pyare Mohan, lawyer of Jethalal.