Taarak Mehta aka Mehta Saab. He is considered to be the most intelligent person living in Gokuldham Society. He is a writer and poet. He works in a trading company. He rapidly thinks solutions for any problem and excuses to tell his wife and boss. He is the best friend, mentor and troubleshooter of Jethalal. He is called "Fire Brigade" by Jethalal. He is aware about Jethalal's feelings for Babita. Tarak's dietitian wife Anjali Mehta strictly controls his diet chart. He is modern, open minded and loves Anjali from the depth of his heart although he really dislikes the diet food prepared by his wife Anjali, and constantly tries to come up with excuses to avoid eating the diet food.

Behind the scene Edit

The role is essayed by Shailesh Lodha. It is based on the character of a writer, Taarak Mehta, on whom works the entire show is based.